03 July, 2013

"Excellent customer service"

I'm finished with my new CV (actually tired of my current part-time job – time to look for something better!), and one of the things it says is that I can deliver excellent customer service. This made me question what it actually is and how much it matters, if at all.

I remember a coffeehouse back in my hometown that was my favourite ever since I visited it for the first time. Yes, the location of it was perfect, the coffee there – good (though slightly overpriced), I also liked the interior and the background music. But what made the atmosphere so special, what was constantly calling me back (and oh, I used to go there really often, and spend hours of my time!)? The people that worked there. They would always be friendly, deal with me not being able to choose a coffee quickly, and give great recommendations. Sometimes we would chat for a bit. I knew their names, and they would recognise me on the street and say hi.

via Coffee Inn
I think it was back in those days that I actually started wanting to become a member of staff at a place like that (before then, I only wanted to own something similar to it :) ), and be one of the people customers want to come back to. And while the café I work at is way different, I try to apply the same rules to myself. Yes, I might not know some things perfectly well. I can forget, or make a mistake. But I always try my best to correct what I did wrong, and don't forget to smile even when it's not easy because in fact my mood is below average. After all, I'm only a person.

Someone who was once a customer has become a friend of mine (and thanks to him, I've met someone who has become one of my best friends!), and there are people I can sit down and talk to when there's nothing I have to do (and we do have those moments – or even hours). If I recognise a person, I say hi to them on the street (ironically enough, I'm not always remembered: one of the regular customers yesterday told me that back when I said hello in the train station, he couldn't remember where he knows me from, even though he did say it back). I know some of their names, I know some of their stories. That's the best part: you meet people you probably never would otherwise. Some of them are amazing, many – not that much, but you deal with that. An I might be idealistic, but that's what I believe great customer service is about, after all – not only the things you do, but the way of doing them too: giving not only a cup of tea, but a wee nice experience as well, and making sure that you leave the best impression.

I must admit, I don't always manage to provide customer service THAT good. But I'm learning.

Me in the mentioned coffeehouse. A photo taken a while ago by my awesome friend Mindaugas.
P.S. On a completely unrelated matter: I LOVED this encouraging and inspiring post by Jennie May, I suggest you read it too!


  1. Now, since i started working there (still quite excited about that!), i would definitely doubt if coffee is really overpriced. Taking into the consideration the quality of coffee beans and all equipment their use to make that coffee, prices remain quite similar to other cafes. :>

  2. Probably you're right about the prices (you know better than me now!). And I'm excited about you working there as well!