02 July, 2013

Off to T in the Park soon: the festival essentials

T in the Park is in less than ten days! I'm still short of words to describe how happy I am to be going. Judging from the line-up, it's going to be awesome. I've never been to such a huge music festival, and wasn't planning to go to this either (my student budget is too tight for such entertainment), but then one of my amazing friends bought tickets for us both. As he said, that's just so he doesn't have to go alone. A very early birthday gift for me – and likely to be the best ever!

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My must-see bands and artists are The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Two Door Cinema Club, Bastille, Hurts, Emeli Sandé, Mumford & Sons, Alt-J, Of Monsters and Men, Daughter, Phoenix, British Sea Power, The Lumineers, Tom Odell, Foals, and Editors. I can already see myself running from one stage to another! Here's hoping I'm not gonna end up crying in my tent because I missed out on something great! Also, the weather... if it's not better than last year, we will so regret going there on Thursday and only coming back on Monday.

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Speaking of tents and camping in Scottish weather, a question arises. What are the essential things to pack? Obviously, we better not forget the sleeping bags. What else? I bought a pair of wellies, and raincoats seem like a good idea too. I've learned from the festival I went to last year that bin bags are good for saving your belongings from water, and that the nights are usually chilly, thus some warm clothes are definitely useful. And so are earplugs when you want to get some sleep. As we aren't spending money on the overpriced showers and other commodities, some dry shampoo and wet wipes will have to do (I don't even want to imagine how I will look like by Monday). Wouldn't want any mosquito bites to add to such appearance, so should get myself some insect repellent as well. Can't think of much else, so any advice would be useful.

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(I know I won't be looking nearly as chick and stylish as this girl from Coachella, but one can dream)


  1. You could also take boots and sunglasses! ;D

  2. I mentioned a pair of boots in the post. :) Doubt sunglasses would be needed (it's Scotland, after all), and I don't have a pair here anyway!