04 July, 2013

Because We Can: Bon Jovi Glasgow 2013

Bon Jovi has become my favourite music band more than four years ago. I can still recall discovering them – surprisingly enough, it wasn't It's My Life that caused my interest, no. I was watching A Lot Like Love, and Ashton Kutcher performed I'll Be There for You. I liked the song and started listening to more and more of their tracks. That was how it started. And ever since then, I wanted to go to their concert. Yesterday, this dream finally came true. The wait was worth it.

They entered the stage with That's What the Water Made Me, one of the best songs from their new album, and I nearly started crying from joy. It only got better with You Give Love a Bad Name. Outstanding among all the other songs were Whole Lot of Leavin', Keep the Faith and Livin' on a Prayer, I'm not even sure why, but they sounded special. Overall, I'm not good with words when it comes to describing this concert – I guess it's all yet too fresh for me, and it was so exciting. Let's just say that my smile hadn't been so wide for a while.

via By Jovi
Of course, not everything was perfect – it could have been even better. I regret not buying a more expensive ticket, would have loved standing in the crowd and being in the middle of things. I also wish I hadn't been alone – it felt a bit lonely, especially during such songs as Superman Tonight and In These Arms. And despite the others being amazing (can't decide who I loved more, Tico Torres or David Bryan), Richie Sambora definitely was missed. Finally, I was hoping to hear I'll Be There for You live, sadly, they didn't play it (the setlist overall was much shorter then those of the past few concerts in Europe.. don't know why they don't like Glasgow, but I've heard some people were disappointed). But these things are something to be fixed when I see them next. Hopefully, this time it won't take four years!

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