05 October, 2013

October begins

It's strange thinking September has just started... Time flies, and here we are, slowly embracing October and with the middle of Autumn creeping up on us. Another strange thing is the weather – at least here, in Glasgow. While we did have a couple of days when it was pouring (which made me buy an umbrella – finally!), most of them are quite sunny and surprisingly warm. And to someone like me, whose mood is easily affected by sunshine, or the lack thereof, that is perfect.

My October started with a wee (not) a date in Tchai Ovna, the tea-house which I'm falling in love with more and more deeply each time I pay a visit. I do love myself a coffee from time to time, especially cappuccino, but tea? A cup, or two, or more... It's always brilliant. Especially in an atmospheric place like that. (Not) dates? I'm still struggling with the definition of one, so trying to look at things without overcomplicating them, hence they aren't really dates.

via Schorlemaedchen
I'm also trying to get more involved with societies at uni, namely Amnesty International, GU Magazine, French Soc, and Screens (film society). AI has elections next Tuesday and if I manage to build the courage up and speak in front of everyone, I might try to get elected. The French Soc election, sadly, has confirmed that I'm not good at popularity contests, but I might still end up getting a position in their committee as well.

Back on Wednesday, I went to the screening of a short documentary film about Tibet, and it was so upsetting... But also just confirmed the fact that AI is definitely an organisation I want to be a part of, because it's only when there are many of us aware of such issues, displaying attention and taking action that change can be instigated. Do I sound a bit like a human rights activist yet? Even if not, I probably will soon. And I'm proud of that.

And today... Today started at 6 in the morning for me, and thus it already feels as if it was late evening now. After eight hours of work (well, to be fair, practically seven and a half!), I'm all up for activities that require thinking, but don't want to go further away from my bed than the kitchen. And it's okay, I guess. You can't just always run somewhere, and be busy doing things. Once in a wile, it's necessary to calm down and reflect on what has been done, and what is still out there. Recharge.

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