09 October, 2013

Bits and pieces

I got what I wanted, what I was working towards, and I really, really should be happy now. And while last night I was indeed overjoyed, all the positive feelings slipped through my fingers today. And I don't know why. Or maybe... maybe I do, just am too scared to admit it.

via Oh So Lovely

Everything will fall into place, I know. My busy schedule will become less and less scary as time goes by. And I will find time for things I really want to indulge in, be it reading, watching a film or going for coffee with a friend. But at the moment, I'm just overwhelmed, even though that is exactly what I wanted – and don't get me wrong, still do.

Sometimes we don't realise the sudden importance of some people before it's too late. We can say out loud, and to ourselves, that it's nothing, we can really believe it... but there comes a time when the illusion is shattered. And then we have to make it true, because there's no other course of action to be taken. Personal relationships are not like elections, you can't ask other people to vote, and making a speech doesn't help either, at least not when you're bad at speeches – and conversations – that mean a lot to you.

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