30 September, 2013

Life lately

When most of the people you know are down with a cold and you're feeling perfectly healthy, you know all is well.

Just like always, it's little bits and pieces that make my days. Last night, my lovely flatmate J and me went to a gig at the 13th Note, as her boyfriend's band, The Walking Targets, was performing. I was so excited to see them live and they didn't disappoint! Other bands were also good, I especially liked The Smith Street Band. It's funny how at first J and me weren't even sure if we should stay for longer, both of us being sort of tired. But then we did, and it was definitely worth our while! We left the venue uplifted and saying how gigs are one of the best things in the world (and hungry... but that was fixed by some cereal later on, back at home). And while punk rock isn't even exactly my thing (I'm more into alt/indie), I'm glad I went. Also, sometimes after gigs I get this feeling of being... complete. And I think that maybe I don't need that much in life at all. As long as I can listen to some awesome music, see the artists and move to the rhythm, forgetting everything else.

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Today, after all my lectures, I went for a drink with my favourite former flatmate, and he told me about his summer hitchhiking trips around Europe and a month spent in India. It sounded so inspiring and made me all hyped. I want to travel so, so much.

I wish I had something very exciting to write about. But life is simple these days, and it consists of three things – studying, working, and meeting people. This ain't me complaining though! I couldn't hope for anything better at the moment, and I'm enjoying every minute of it, no matter how spent. Even nights like this, when I feel like staying at home and not doing much apart from listening to music and relaxing, are good, they kind of help me recharge the inner battery and keep me going. Once again I realise how much our happiness depends on the attitude. And if you look at every day as if it was a wee adventure, it will be.

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