11 October, 2013

A night in

I don't think I've ever seen a girl your age so happy about spending a Friday night at home.

That's a comment from my coworker, after me being all excited about not having to go anywhere at all and telling him how I would talk to my mom, have dinner, then curl up in bed and read The Plague, or watch some silly film. In all honesty, my night definitely couldn't be better. While all the activities this week were amazing, and I certainly don't regret going to a flat party last night (ran into so many people I hadn't seen for ages!), I needed this respite.

And here I am, keeping myself warm with a cup of tea and already wishing spring was here (I'm really not into the cold season). My next week's schedule is slowly but inevitably filling up, but it's fine as it includes some really nice plans, such as having a couple of friends over for a pizza night, volunteering at a film festival, and, well, okay, this isn't actually going to take up much time, but it's still a thing I'll have to do – buying a flight ticket! One of the main reasons why, even though dreaming of spring, I'm happy about the coming winter season, is that I'll finally make a big dream of mine come true, not to mention see my family and friends. You'll definitely hear more about this later on, once everything is confirmed!

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