17 September, 2013

"You're not 'people', you're Domi."

Well hello everyone! I've had a wee unplanned break from blogging, mostly because I'm not on the Internet as often as I used to be during the summer and I still need to learn how to balance everything that's on my plate. But last night as I couldn't fall asleep thinking about lots of little things I realised I love blogging way too much to leave it behind just because I'm always short of time. I might not be posting every day, but I'm not going to quit anytime soon.

The Freshers' Week has just started, and damn, things have been good. And while I might get slightly upset about the fact I'm not a Helper, I know I'll have a chance next year, and that I couldn't fit it into my tight schedule just now, after all, work is work. And I actually don't mind working these days because it's always a lot of fun thanks to the people I do it with.

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I had my first lecture yesterday, or at least it was supposed to be one... It only lasted 15 minutes and we were basically told what we'll be doing this semester. The good thing is, everything sounded incredibly interesting and I can't wait to start proper sociology lectures this year! I'm not yet sure about psychology topics yet, and mildly worried about French though, because I'll need to put in a lot of effort if I want to actually learn it. But I'll do my best!

The most important thing about these days however is probably the fact that so many friends who haven't been around for ages have just come back. I met some of them already, am still to see the others, and we have plenty of catching up to do. It creates this vibe and autumn-ish atmosphere like nothing else would, and while sometimes it's good to spend a cosy evening at home with loads of tea and watch a film with my dearest flatmates, at the timebeing there's nothing better than going to places and seeing people who create that fuzzy warm feeling inside, and talking to them.

There are so many things to talk about, different topics with different people. And when you think of it, it's funny how we can go from something absolutely silly, such as demolishing a nearby building to let more sunshine into a friend's room, to serious discussions, like about the upcoming election in Germany. Conversations about the summer events, telling each other juicy stories, anything. I especially liked how yesterday me and a friend of mine talked about where to go after graduating from university, how we want to achieve something and look for better things all the time, but there's also this fine line one shouldn't cross, because there comes a time in your life when it's better to settle for what you have, accept it and enjoy life without the constant craving for something more, but it's difficult to realise when this happens. Hopefully, we will.

Back when I was in school, autumn meant the end of all things exciting, and trying to slow yourself down a bit. Now it's the exact opposite. The pulse of the city is changing, and so is the rythm of life.

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