20 September, 2013

You know that life is good when...

...you're so excited about the beginning of uni that you start making notes for an essay that's due in the end of November.

...your home country gets into the final of EuroBasket.

...it's getting chilly outside but you're not cold because you got a lovely new jacket.

Top Shop
...you're further than halfway through The Game of Thrones and you're loving every single minute of it.

...you enjoy your job and don't mind working a couple of extra hours.

...you have some strawberries.

...you're so close to your flatmates that you start worrying when one of them isn't coming back home for longer than planned.

via Park & Cube
...stupid drama disappears.

...you're not even that worried about not having a functioning phone anymore.

...you briefly see your former flatmates, you all smile and there are only good memories left.

...you're listening to a great song.