12 September, 2013

Looking back

Yesterday after work I went to visit P&S and it was so good seeing them. S and me watched basketball together, and talked a lot. Too bad P couldn't join us, but then again, being a Freshers' Helper is perhaps one of the most awesome and fun things – which makes me happy for her, and a tiny bit jealous.

Today I was working again, and closing took us ages, but afterwards me and the girl I was working with joined another coworker of ours and their friends for a drink. It was a bit odd for me as I'm the new one and didn't really know people (most of you will probably know the feeling!), but still better than walking straight back home. We'll have a staff night on Saturday – a dinner at Wudon and then probably going out to Sleazy, and I really hope it will be a lot of fun.

Another good thing that happened yesterday was getting loads of photos from P. Most of them are so old by now, she's definitely one of those people that take their time with it! Though it's not necessarily a bad thing: it was interesting to look back on all the things that happened, and it's much more so when you can put the events and the moments into context. I'm sharing the ones I liked the best with you...

Me as a fersher, a year ago :)
S and me at Ketchup
Me, S, and the most delicious lasagne ever
The famous lasagne again
P&S, the lovelies

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