23 September, 2013

The first day of lectures

This is it – you're reading a post written by an actual second-year student! I had a bit of everything today, and even though had my hopes high up, wasn't disappointed.

The first psychology lecture was quite tedious as they have this tendency to be awfully repetitive, and, well, experimental design is not the most exciting topic to begin with. But it was okay as I know this is simply a necessity so we can continue with much more interesting stuff.

Then French started out seeming really challenging and demanding, and at the moment I have no idea how I'll actually learn the language! Our tutor is a young guy from Brittany, he has an adorable accent and sometimes forgets English words which is absolutely funny as long as he doesn't lose his confidence in the process. Other students, while some have been studying French for a couple of years, seemed to be quite shy, but I guess I was the same when I was in my first year (and the majority of them are!).

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Now the subject I was waiting for probably the most, sociology, was everything I always enjoyed about it. Though we got quite a lot of information to take in and as I'll be writing my essay on the topic I'll also have more than enough reading to do, it's perfectly fine because it's so interesting! And I was glad to realise that quite a few people I know are continuing with it this year, at first it seemed as I'm the only one staying.

In other news, my mom is back from her wee trip to Sweden (and before that, she visited Germany... she's travelling more than me these days!), and it was nice chatting to her today – the distance between us is making such a huge positive impact on our relationship, it's unbelievable!

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Also, yesterday, I went for lunch to Bookclub with this guy I've technically known for a year but only started properly talking to recently. It's funny how sometimes we don't notice people around us and miss out on great opportunities, it reminds me of my resolution to talk to strangers more. Though this lunch of ours was more a part of another resolution: to make friends with people I meet in the beginning of a new academic year. Because when I think of it, there were so many great people I spent my Freshers' Week and even the first couple of months with last year, but later on, we all drifted apart. I don't want that again, and for it not to happen, some effort is needed. Me and this guy also talked about our resolution to get more involved with clubs and societies at university, and I'm really eager to do it, which is why tomorrow I'll be going to 3 or even 4 different events (and, of course, 3 lectures, too). A busy day awaits, and it's because of days like it that I love university.

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