05 September, 2013

Not alone anymore!

The friend of mine that I've mentioned a while ago has finally came to Glasgow! It couldn't be more exciting. I didn't even mind getting up early today to meet him at the bus station.

My friend, M :)
The main activity today was showing M around: we walked around the university campus, had coffee at Tinderbox, looked around the new collection of H&M, and visited the Gallery of Modern Art. And even though we haven't seen anything that fancy today, he seems to be really loving Glasgow so far which I'm very happy about. Oh, and I've also finally got (or, to be more exact, completed) the birthday gift for my flatmate J, so can wait for her moving in tomorrow! Speaking of gifts, I received a jewellery holder and a couple of drink coasters from M, and instantly fell in love!

Caramel Icebox
Happy me!
And now we're sort of watching a basketball game and having some rest! How did you spend this sunny Thursday (here at least, the weather was really nice!)? What are your plans for the approaching weekend? Tomorrow it's a year since I came here and we're celebrating that together with my birthday!

The lovely gift!

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