04 September, 2013


So, yesterday was the big day! I'm 19 now, starting my last teenage year with a positive attitude and a wide smile on my face. I actually had birthday wishes coming my way starting the day before, because it's two hours later back home than here in Scotland. Which means, I was 18 and 19 at the same time (of course, not really... but still)! My loveliest friends back there were the first to bring this new optimistic outlook, just the fact that they're still there for me come rain or shine is enough to make me incredibly happy. And even though there were some people who seem to have simply forgotten about me whatsoever, it's okay. Time shows who's your true friend, and it's not a bad thing at all, even if sometimes slightly upsetting.

via Own Way of Inspiration. I wish I could have gone to Avignon for my birthday, it looks awesome! I'm falling in love with France more and more, even without having visited.
In the afternoon I met up with my dear Welsh friend, Cal: we went to Paperchase together, had some coffee at Tinderbox, enjoyed the beautiful weather walking near the Kelvin and then spent some time at his new place – probably the most amazing student flat I've ever seen, huge and all cosy!

My gift to myself from Paperchase: a notebook I'll be using as a planner/diary sort of thing :)
Afterwards I had P&S over, it's strange thinking how it's been nearly a year since I met those two lovely girls and I now don't know how I'd live without them here! We spent some time at my flat and then headed to the Hillhead Bookclub, where A and another friend of ours joined. It was an evening well spent – nothing extraordinary, but just lots of nice things going on. Though the night ended absolutely not according to any sort of plan, and I'm yet to figure out what's happening in my life, that's not anything to worry about too much!

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