02 September, 2013

Films of the week

So, slightly later than normally, but, as promised – a post about the films I have recently watched! Admittedly, it's only two of them... But now that I'm finished with House, and hopefully not starting to watch any new TV shows (though quite a few people want me to watch Game of Thrones... which I'm not doing, at least not yet, in fear of losing my life!), there'll definitely be some more films coming up. And until then...

Being John Malkovich. A and me have been planning to watch this for ages – and we finally did! It's an interesting film, that's for sure, one that probably belongs in my "mindfuck" category. I enjoyed watching it and suggest you check it out too, but I doubt I'd want to see it again – not even sure why.

via Rotten Tomatoes
About a Boy. Chesy and predictable, but still enjoyable. It was funny seeing Nicholas Hoult as a kid, he has really changed a lot! And I've never really been a big fan of High Grant, but he's quite okay in this film as well. The biggest surprise for both A and me while watching was probably seeing Natalia Tena, I remember her from Harry Potter and he know her from Game of Thrones, but it was strange seeing her so young!

This is it this time! What have you been watching? Have any of you seen What Maisie Knew? I really wanted to go see this one in the cinema, which, of course, didn't happen!

And tonight is the last night when I'm still 18, which I'm celebrating by doing nothing! I'll be spending it alone here at home, cosy in bed, drinking some nice tea and either reading Slaughterhouse V or watching something. Hope you had a good Monday and enjoy the rest of the week (I definitely will, haha)!

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