17 August, 2013

What will be our home

So, I finally moved yesterday! And while some of my stuff is still in my room at halls (where I myself am at the moment, too, because we got no Internet in the new flat yet!), most of it is in the new home. It's good being there, though really strange at the same time. After all, it's a three bedroom flat, so there's too much space for one person. I can't wait for J and L to move in so it all comes alive.

Tomorrow I'll be going to Ikea since I need bed linen, but might get something else too. It will be my first trip there ever, so it's sort of exciting (because I mostly associate with a couple of scenes from one of my favourite films, 500 Days of Summer).

Now, if you're interested at all in my new flat, here are some pictures (and if you're not, take a look at some beautiful photos from Santa Monica or Z├╝rich)!

An evening view through my bay window
My room! I can already imagine myself curling up in that comfy armchair and reading...
And this is what I will be reading! I decided to put the books I'm yet to read on sight, maybe that will motivate me
And that's a bigger view of the shelf above my desk. It used to be a fireplace. I'll be putting many more things on it, but these were the ones to get there first.
Zooming in again. That's a notebook I bought from Paperchase, and a birthday card I got from a friend a year ago. Whenerver I read it, I nearly tear up.
And these are the other books I have, resting on a hidden shelf. As you can see, mostly psychology coursebooks, then a few books I've already read, and some random ones.
And this isn't my room but L's! I just wanted to show the dresser. She fell in love with it at first sight
Now, I had my first dinner there alone last night, and, being rubbish at saving money, I ordered some sushi from my favourite take-away place, Cailin's, because, well, I love sushi!

Later on, I had my very first guests – R and A with his flatmate came over to see my flat and the four of us had the tiniest flatwarming possible. It was lovely and I went to sleep hoping that this place will only bring good into my life.


  1. It's very pretty flat and all details are so charming! I love it! It seems like you are going to be really happy there! I wish you that ;>

    1. Glad you like it, hope it means you'll be coming to visit at some point. ;)

  2. You know I'm actually trying to save some money from my wage for something special (it may be a trip somewhere) :>