16 August, 2013

People change

Sometimes it's so easy to be judgemental based on a person's past. But that's not fair. I wouldn't like someone saying things about me because of what I did a few years, or sometimes even a few months ago. I'm a different person now. We all grow and learn from our mistakes (of course, not always... some seem to be repeated on a regular basis, but that's closer to a choice, maybe an unconscious one, than an actual mistake). Our opinions and interests change, and in time, so do our personalities.

via Daydream Lily
A couple of days ago I learnt that a man I know was addicted to cocaine for about 20 years and spent 7 years in high-security prison for drug trafficking. Awful, right? Though you would never guess by the looks of him. Now he's your usual middle-aged Glaswegian. He works as a delivery driver, is friendly and crazy for David Bowie's music. He left the addiction and the criminal life behind, but I bet the main reason he can't find a better job is because of his past. Yes, it's dark, and I'm not saying that it's all a positive thing. But we all have our bad bits and secrets, and we need to accept others with theirs. Everybody deserves a second chance.

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