18 August, 2013

Films of the week

Today, I finally went to Ikea! And I wish I had some more cash to spare, because there were so many beautiful things that I would have loved to buy for our flat. But oh well, the start is made.

I've been watching House M.D. lately, which I haven't done in ages. Still have one and a half seasons to go before saying goodbye to the show forever, and I'm slightly hooked, so not watching as many films now. Four this time, scroll down to read my impressions of them.

via IMDb
We Need to Talk About Kevin. I wanted something more serious than a romantic comedy, and picked this because I remembered J mentioning it in one of our dozens conversations about films, and because I loved Ezra Miller in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. This dark and heartfelt story with some stunning performaces presents a mother's struggles to accept, love and raise her child, Kevin, who, to say the very least, is very different, and also shows how she copes with subsequent events.

Synecdoche, New York. There's this type of films I categorise as "mindfuck", and this one definitely fits in. I normally love that kind of films, I really do. But this, somehow, didn't impress me that much. Am I glad I watched it? Yes. Would I want to go through it again? Possibly. But I have no urge to watch it over and over, and having read some comments before seeing it, I was expecting something more, or maybe, something else.

A Single Man. A film about loneliness and isolation that the main character, played by Colin Firth, experiences after his partner of 16 years, Jim, dies. We see one day of George's life, the day when he is planning to commit suicide because he can't be happy and doesn't think of his life as worthwhile. However, people around him help him find peace.

Warm Bodies. We watched this slightly cheesy zombie love-story, a modern take on Romeo and Juliet, with A yesterday and while it's not the best film of the year or anything like that, it's still a nice lighthearted comedy and will give you a few laughs when you don't want anything serious (and we didn't). I mostly wanted to watch it because I liked Nicholas Hoult in A Single Man, A was voting for Being John Malkovich. But we left the latter for next time. And this one had Malkovich anyway!


  1. I looooved We Need to Talk About Kevin and I was rather impressed with Warm Bodies because I had read the book and they really did the book justice.

    1. It's good to know they did, because a lot of films these days aren't nearly as good as the original books! Though to be fair, I didn't even know Warm Bodes was based on one...