08 August, 2013

The bus theory of guys

Two or three years ago, a very "philosophical" girl that I was, I came up with this theory that I named "the bus theory of guys". The idea of it came to me when I was waiting for a bus to the city centre from my friend's, and afterwards was supposed to take another bus home, because there was no direct route from hers to mine. I was saying how even though the first bus won't take me all the way home, I'll still be moving forward instead of staying at the same spot, which is a good thing. And then I somehow decided this applies to romantic relationships, too: there are times when we know that the person isn't completely right for us, or at least isn't "the one" (whether you believe in this concept is another question... I personally don't), yet for the time-being, their direction is the same ours, so we choose to be together instead of struggling alone. Of course, that is only fair if the person isn't under a false impression that they're the love of your life.

The last time I was talking to Cal, he said that "loneliness isn't a good reason to be with someone". And then later this theory came back to me, and I even further discussed it with a friend. We didn't come to any conclusions, and I'm still unsure if it actually could work like that, but at the same time, I don't see a reason why it wouldn't. Maybe it's just the silliness I express when being single, but at the moment, it all makes sense.

Also, at the moment I have to run to a job interview, and then go to work. I wish I could write more, but there hasn't been that much happening in my life, and I don't even have the time to tell about things that are. I'm just hoping it will change soon. And for now, wishing you a good day!

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