09 August, 2013

How to embarrass yourself

I remember a male friend of mine saying how awesome it is when a girl is the one to make the first move and ask a guy out. Apparently, that is supposed to show that she is confident enough and make them all flattered and relaxed. Obviously, this got into my head and now, after a month of so of trying to work up the courage, I tried. And failed. It's not like I'm head over heels for this guy, so it's all okay. I'm not even that upset – actually had a good laugh about this silliness of me. Though I'll probably never do it again, because it was so embarrassing!

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Now, this guy is a regular customer where I work (read: it was not a good idea all along), and we have been casually chatting for the past couple months. He seems like a really interesting person from what I know about him (mostly stories about his work and travels), and I thought it would be nice to see how it all goes if we meet up outside my work. There was one thing I didn't know: he's not single. And I only learnt that after suggesting we go for a drink sometime next week, as I'll have moved into my new flat and this sort of needs celebrating. I didn't react very well to his answer (should have thought it through): blundered out something about how that obviously wouldn't be a date, just a friendly thing as he's too old for me and something something... Doh.

To make myself feel better, I'm totally blaming this on him though! He could have somehow mentioned a girlfriend at least once in our conversations, and then this wouldn't have happened. It's all that simple. But oh well... Now I have a story to tell, and a hope that next time I see him (if that ever happens), it won't be awkward. Yup, I know... It will be.

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