06 August, 2013

I'm still alive!

I've been having a difficult time (worked for 12 hours yesterday, so it's reasonable!) and only got to writing now. But better late then never, right? And yet, I'm not feeling anywhere near inspired...

One of the most memorable days lately was Sunday. I wasn't doing much during the daytime, but in the evening went to see P&S – and even managed to make it to the last subway, yay! The Sunday timetable is sort of ludicrous. We cooked an amazing vegetarian lasagne (and it's my favourite meal ever, so I still can't get over the fact how good it was!), had some wine (maybe slightly too much for a casual evening), and proved to ourselves that there's no need for going out to have fun. Sometimes I find it difficult to be around those girls (for reasons I'm not getting into), but we came here to Glasgow together and been through a lot, and it's good to be reminded how much I love them. I wish we had more evenings like that.

Apart from that, there's really not much I can tell you about... It's most likely because I'm still feeling exhausted and my brain isn't working properly. I'm also quite upset because of some unexpected disputes with certain people in my life, but hoping that's only temporary and everything will be resolved. It better be. Until then, A is always there to cheer me up when we have lunch or coffee together (well, okay, not always... the time has come when he needs to do some actual studying before his resits, so I'll try not to bother him for the next few days), or I can talk to people back home. One of my friends was actually visiting my mom today so I had a video chat with both of them. It felt so strange and so good seeing them together.

I'm just hoping the next couple weeks will pass quickly and things will get sorted out. Moving to the new flat. Enrolling into the classes and then figuring out the whole thing with jobs. Finding some peace of mind and making the best of the last days of this strange summer. It will all be okay, right?

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