23 August, 2013

Sad things

via nishaantishu
We all have those days when suddenly, everything seems to be going bad. I had one like that the day before yesterday, and some bits and pieces of sadness are still here with me, hiding in the dark corners or behind the curtains and coming out when I'm unsuccessfully trying to fall asleep.

Problems with A, then news about my grandpa's health worsening, in the light of it being the 16 year anniversary of my dad's passing away tomorrow... It's not easy to cope with. I'm managing though. There are people I can talk to about things, and this time, ironically, it's mostly people far away that I feel the closest to. Work helps as well: when I'm there, I can concentrate on whatever it is I'm doing at the time and forget about everything else.

And yet, I really wish I could be in my hometown right now: the band of one of my best friends is having a concert tonight, and tomorrow I could go see my grandpa, and then visit the cemetery as well. But I'm stuck here, and all I can do is hope for the best.


  1. I hope you feel better, it's easy to let things bring you down when everything is building up like that, but I truly do hope you feel better soon. Sorry I couldn't offer a comment that was a bit more insightful than this one! xxx

    1. It's not really the kind of situation when anything else but support is needed, so thank you so so much! xxx