21 August, 2013

The Internet, a friend, and other tales

This is it. This morning, a magician (actually, an engineer... but let's keep things more interesting) came into ourflat and provided us with what I was desperately needing. The Internet. I'm back. Catching up with 40 Days of Dating (and there'll be no new posts until my birthday... why? what happened? I'm so curious!) and my favourite blogs, reading the news, listening to music, talking to friends... Man, gotta love the Internet. I'm not nearly as addicted as I was a few years back, but still, it has become an importnat part of my life. And I think that applies to a lot of us.

via Kris Atomic

When I think of it on a personal level, if it wasn't for the Internet these days, I wouldn't be keeping in touch with the maority of my friends who don't live here in the UK. That would guarantee me feeling much more homesick, isolated, and lonely. Also, it's only thanks to the Internet that I've met one of my best friends. It was, hm, six years ago or so, that we started talking on a forum, the went on to texting, and met in person a year later. We never lived in the same city, but this September that is about to change. It will be strange having him a five-minute walk, as opposed to more than two-hour bus ride. Just like it was strange meeting him for the first time. Imagine: in front of you stands a person you have never seen before in your life. At the same time, he knows you exceptionally well and is close to you. It's like two different personalities in one body, even if the person himself doesn't feel that way. And they slowly merge as the friendship grows stronger.

And now, back from reminiscing to actual events... Yeterday I went to the gym as planned and I'll either start frequenting or will never, ever go there again. At the moment, my legs refuse to work properly and hurt like hell. We also went out with P&S and A. I had fun at a gig and then made some final dicoveries about myself. Overall, it was a weird night.

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