24 August, 2013

Brightening up

Everything is just like it was a few days ago, but somehow, I'm feeling better. There are always positive things that cheer me up. This time it was mainly the fact that one of my favourite bands, White Lies, has announced a concert in Glasgow. It's only in December, but the tickets go on sale next week, hence me working tomorrow instead of having a day off, and buying one as soon as possible! I realise the band isn't huge yet, but I'm afraid for it to end up just like with Arctic Monkeys, when the tickets were sold out in less than a day and I was sadly left without one.So better hurry. Let's say it will be my birthday gift to myself. And if I find someone to go with me? Then it will be even more perfect.

via gh0st parties
Another thing that made my mood nearly instantly better was a wee chat with K (because a couple of hours isn't long for a chat, is it?). I guess you could call him one of my friends back home, even though we talk very, very rarely and have some (now funny to remember) history. Thing is, he has an incredible ability to make me smile, even without trying, and him writing to me today made my evening. From catching up to jokes, not forgetting some philosophical contemplation, just like always. I haven't even watched a single episode of House M.D. yet! Though admittedly was browsing some online stores and looking at beautiful clothes, can't wait until I can actually spend some money on them. Patience is not a quality I seem to possess.

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