15 August, 2013

A new beginning

I have just finished talking to my mom on Skype, and one of the things she said was that after all the stress and being tired or upset, I finally look like I'm back to my old, cheerful self. I'm unsure if that's entirely true. What I'd like to think is that it's a new me altogether, starting out with a blank page. Either way, things are getting better.

Yesterday was my last day at the old job, and leaving felt incredibly good. Though I have to admit, some goodbyes were really sad, but I'll see the people I want to see, so it's not a big deal. Except for the one I may never see again – the guy I tried asking out last week. He might be moving to either London or Paris soon, and even if he doesn't, we aren't even friends on Facebook, so there's no way we'll be keeping in touch (he did say he'll add me... but somehow I don't see that coming).

via megfee
And today... Today was a big day! J and I met up to get our keys, and where literally jumping in excitement to look around the flat again and finally have it all to ourselves. It looks much better than it did before, and I can't wait to move in tomorrow and start trying to make it home. After fire safety instructions and some hilarious problems with locking the door, starving, we went to the Bookclub for a celebratory lunch. I also enjoyed a pint of beer while J had a cocktail, and it was the first time EVER I saw her drinking alcohol, which is sort of a huge thing. Later she had to leave and I went to my new workplace to take the last week's wage. I met one of my coworkers for the first time, and she's probably the first vegan I've ever met in person, which is inspiring for the vegetarian me.

Back in my room at halls (not for long anymore!), I did enrollment for upcoming year and know my timetable at last. Another thing to look forward to – the beginning of all the lectures and other kinds of stuff. Which pretty much sums up my mood at the moment: a mix of excitement and waiting. As my mom said, the good thing is that smile is back on my face.

P.S. One of the bands I love, White Lies, have realeased their new album just a few days ago, and I can't seem to get enough! My favourite song must be Change, give it a listen!


  1. That song sounds a little bit sad for me, but also pretty. Now i'm thinking of listening more of White Lies songs ;>

    1. It is indeed a bit sad, but oh so beautiful! I still can't seem to get enough of it. :) And you definitely should check the band out!