05 August, 2013

Films of the week

So, I suppose those Sunday posts will be just like that, written in the middle of the night. Don't know why it happens, but then again, as I've said earlier, I really am a night person. I also can't believe it's been already a week since I wrote my first post about the films I had recently watched. It really seems like just a couple of days. Time is passing by so quickly, I won't even notice how September begins and all the people come back, and studies start. Can't wait for it! Also, there's now less than a month until my birthday. Still have no idea how to celebrate, I just know I want to! 19 might not be some special number, but it will be my first birthday here in Scotland, and that's, well, something.

Anyway, this week wasn't as "productive" film-wise as the last (it was better life-wise though, I guess), I have only watched 5 films. These ones:

Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2. A story of a woman who was supposed to die, but didn't, seeking for revenge. While these are obviously two separate films, they were intended as one and thus there's no point in watching only one of them. Though I preferred the second part  because it gave us more of a background about the main character, the first one was good as well. If you are a fan of Tarantino, you'll like these, if you're not, you still might.

Benny & Joon. I was looking for something quirky, funny and romantic, and I found it. I was never a die-hard Johnny Depp fan like most girls are – I appreciated what he's done and enjoyed seeing him on screen, but it wasn't until now when I saw him in this one that I truly fell in love. He was so adorable! The other actors were enojyable to watch as well. This drama nicely showed what it's like taking care of a mentally ill person, and being one. And also how change is essential in our lives, and sometimes we need to let go of something so even better things can happen.

Fom Happythankyoumoreplease via Script Shadow
Happythankyoumoreplease. It doesn't have a "higher than 7" rating on IMDb, and might not be the best film you have ever seen, but it truly is a charming, positive and inspiring flick. Josh Radnor, familiar to everyone as Ted from HIMYM, debuts as a screenwriter and director, and remembering what a wide smile I had after watching this, I want to see his second film, Liberal Arts, too. Oh, and Zoe Kazan is beyond lovely, it's the second time I saw her (the first was Ruby Sparks) and I want more!

Happy-Go-Lucky. We started watching this with A and then I finished it alone. Yet another film filled with optimism, and it has the qualities of stuff I typically enjoy, but didn't quite make it somehow. It wasn't bad, no, but sheer cheerfulness wasn't enough, I wanted more, and I didn't really get it.

In other news...

On Friday night, as me and A went to his place to watch a film after he finished work, he had made such a nice dinner, vegetarian chili with rice, that it left me really worried (again!) about how little I cook. We also had some beer, ice lollies, and talked talked talked... And then started the film, but didn't finish, because it was already way too late. That's how our film nights go... normal.

Another thing that happened on Friday was saying goodbye to one of my coworkers as he was leaving the job and the country. That guy used to annoy me so much sometimes, and still, we had loads of fun together and he was the best coworker I've had. Now there will be no one to kill the spiders in the toilet... What will I do?!

Oh, and I got a call on Saturday morning, and if everything goes well, I might get a job as a brand ambassador with Pads for Students, a student accommodation search engine. I'd actually enjoy doing that so much! In the future, I imagine myself working somewhere in the sphere of media and communications, and social media is great, so this experience would be invaluable. Wish me luck!

P.S. Do you read 40 Days of Dating? If no, it's never too late to start. I found it a couple of days ago and it's such a captivating read! I showed it to A and he got adicted as well!


  1. I loved HappyThankYouMorePlease, and Liberal Arts is like a million times better, so you should definitely see it! xx

    1. Is it? I'll definitely watch it this week then! :) xxx