12 August, 2013

Films of the week

The number of films I've watched this week is surprisingly low, and that would probably be good news if only I had any actual good news! I probably will soon, but as for now, I'm just hoping to survive next week. When it's over, it will all be good, and I promise that my posts will be more cheerful, interesting and frequent! And before that happens, my thoughs on these...

Liberal Arts. As I watched and liked Happythankyoumoreplease last week, and lovely Charlotte said that this one's even better, I decided to give it a try. I really wish I could say I loved it, but sadly, I was left disappointed. Not sure if I was just not in the mood for it, or if it was something more specific, but this romantic comedy, while with some nice ideas and good actors, wasn't that enjoyable. I still believe that Josh Radnor has a great potential in screenwriting and directing, though, and will be waiting for his next film!

The Station Agent. I seem to enjoy the Sundance festival winners, and that was how I decided to watch this one. It's a quirky film with nearly non-existant plot, yet somehow delivering a lovely story. While I don't think I would want to see it again, it's worth checking out and is the kind of film to watch when you're sinking into loneliness and don't want to fight it yet.

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Beginners. A film about emotionally messed up people (aren't we all a bit – or more than a bit – like that?), well depicting how life can be both easy and complicated at the same time. Once again, not a heavy plot, but a touching character study. I genuinely fell in love with Mélanie Laurent: she already had me wondering after Paris and Inglorious Basterds, but now I'm sure of it. One more reason to watch Now You See Me!

Now, the question is, what have YOU seen this week? I'm really curious, so drop a comment!

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