02 August, 2013

A day in the city

Today has been a good day so far, and there are still things to come (a film night with A, yay!). I had a wee facebook chat with a friend of mine who's travelling Myanmar right now, and it was nice hearing from him. Aaand, I got a call from the place I went to for an interview a few days ago, will have a trial shift there on Monday.

I've become one of those girls who take their mirror selfies... and I'm not even cool enough to do that with an iPhone and post on Instagram, damn it!
I went to the city centre to hand out some CVs in a bunch of clothing stores and as I didn't have that many of them, it was over before it got boring. Though going to these stores is much worse than anywhere else, it's painful seeing so many things I'd love to buy!

Not really being in a hurry (a great feeling!), I sticked around to listen to two musicians playing on Buchanan Street. These guys were Matt Comley and Daniel Docherty, and I really enjoyed what they played. Both of them are working on their debut CDs, and Matt has released a single of his original song Old Fashioned, worth giving it a listen!

Daniel Docherty and Matt Comley
Later I grabbed a frappuccino from Starbucks as a little treat to myself and while enjoying it and watching people passing by, was approached by two guys about my age, Paul and David (I know these are common names, but it's still funny how they keep reappearing in my life), who were just looking for someone to talk to. We had a fun chat, and I probably wouldn't have been up for that a while ago, but I promised to myself to talk to strangers, so I did! After a thumb war, a conversation with an old blind lady and adoring her guide dog, and a sunglasses swap, we said goodbye and I headed home. And here I am, finishing the same way I started: it's been a good day.