01 August, 2013

It's okay to complain

August is starting! And I'm still reminiscing about last summer...
A week or so ago, when speaking to one of my coworkers after finishing a shift I realised that whenever I ask him how the day went, his answer is "alright". Me, on the other hand... More often than not, I used to tell him the worst things about it, instead of the best. And so then I made a resolution to stay positive and keep quiet about anything that went wrong.

Sounds nice, huh? Well, this week made me understand how important it is to share what is going on, good or bad. Whatever it is, talking to someone who listens and tries to understand makes it easier to go through. If someone is your friend, they will be up for listening to your complaints. Just like you are okay with hearing theirs.

Yesterday, another coworker of mine asked what I was worrying about. "Nothing", I typically answered. And then he pointed out that having worked with me for 8 months or so now, he knows me well enough to see when something is wrong. And that he's happy to be told about it, because it's always better when you do instead of keeping it to yourself and letting it all build up. It was surprising to hear such wise words from someone who more often than not prefers silliness. And I felt that he was right. No one leads a perfect life, we all have our ups and downs. It's okay to sometimes be unhappy and negative, and it's okay to express that, as long as it doesn't become a bad habit and you don't immerse yourself in self-pity, expect anyone else to take responsibility for your actions or solve your problems.


  1. This was nice to read, I'm often told by my friends that i 'have no filter' because I just say whatever is on my mind, good or bad, and this post is a nice reminder that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! x

    1. Glad to remind you about that! And also nice to know I'm not the only one with 'no filter', haha!