31 July, 2013

Job interview and some small plans for the future

As all of you probably know by now, I'm looking for a job. And as I have also mentioned before, I had an interview yesterday! It's not all that exciting, but still something better than just handing out CVs with no results whatsoever.

I'd say it was the first "real" job interview I've ever had. The manager of the place remembered my name and knew where I'm from, and when we went to his little office, he had my CV ready on his desk, and questions prepared. Even though I was awfully nervous, it all went pretty well (or I think so, at least), but the problem is that they have difficulty in finding people to work from Monday to Wednesday, and I'd only be able to do the weekends (including Friday, and if we're to be very optimistic – Thursday)... So the chances are low.

Other job-related news is a temporary opportunity with university, which would be pretty interesting (and would pay well!), so I'm sending my application and hoping for the best (as always!).

When it comes to more exciting things than job search, I don't have much to tell about. Well, maybe apart from a wee today's rendezvous with Cal. He's one of those lovely people who seem to never run out of energy or be in a bad mood, and so it was nice chatting with him over a cup of coffee (I still can't get over my love for Starbucks' triple caramel frappucino!). We're both so excited about the second year of uni starting, everyone coming back and new people arriving too! Big and little things, everything will be awesome. For example, my first trip to Ikea! Being a big fan, he has promised to take me there. Oh, and The Polo Lounge on one of the Wednesdays! And I can already see us buying more notebooks from Paperchase than we need. Or having a bit too much to drink at Cheesy Pop, and, hopefully, not deciding to sing karaoke. The last time we did it was awful (and awfully fun too, of course).

Life is what we make it.

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