14 August, 2013

A wee update

A: You can keep a flower in an empty beer bottle... A beer flower! And you can drink beer together, and then you can talk to it.

And normally I'm the weirdo out of us two! But let's say these odd thoughts are thanks to the hilarious show we started watching last night, Wilfred, where a man talks to his neigbour's dog (and the dog answers!).

via What Olivia Did...
In other news, yesterday was a crazy busy day, and I was really nervous about it, but everything turned out alright. I seem to have made my mind up about the new job, and today will be my last day at the old one. Though I'm not quitting once and for all – still planning to do a casual shift or two from time to time – not gonna be there as much anymore, which is both strange and exciting.

Tomorrow we're getting the keys to our new flat! I can't wait to move in. Have been looking at various stuff on the Ikea page and there are so many things I want – and need! Also, tomorrow will be my first day off in ages, and though it will be spent mostly packing, it's good to get some time for myself. Hopefully, next week will finally mark the start of my new life, which includes seeing my friends more, going to the gym, and doing loads of other things!

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