20 July, 2013

A car ride and the little things in life

Do you know the feeling when having a fast car ride with no destination? I remember going through the Clyde Tunnel, my hand reaching out of the window and sensing the wind, and this incredible enjoyment that comes when you learn to appreciate the little things. It was absolutely illogical to feel free, but that's how I felt. I wanted it to never end – and, probably for the first time in my life, I actually wanted to learn to drive myself, so I can experience such a thing whenever I feel like it. This was a month ago, but my mind still casually wanders back to those moments.

It also reminded me of the scene from The Perks of Being a Wallflower where the main characters go through a tunnel and the girl stands up in the open truck bed, spreading her arms wide. Heroes by David Bowie is playing in the background. I read the book a few years ago, and watched the film twice already, but will probably want to see it again at some point. It's amazing how a seemingly simple coming-of-age story can be so deeply touching and relatable. I loved it and recommend to anyone who hasn't read/seen it yet (both the book and its screen adaptation are worth checking out – so it comes down to what you personally prefer).

Photo by Summit Entertainment
Coming back to appreciating the little things... I should do that more often. Everyone should. Because that's what makes it so much easier to go through the big things. Short but delightful conversations, genuine smiles sent by strangers passing by, favourite song playing on the radio, or a building looking extraordinarily beautiful at that very moment when sun is caressing its walls. Whatever it is that can make you feel a bit better if you only pay attention and notice. Stay positive. That's a reminder to myself. Maybe I should get something like this...

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