19 July, 2013

Back to everyday life and looking for a new job

I haven't been coping with this post festival depression very well (and the fact that this term wasn't coined by me just shows it's a normal thing, doesn't it?). It's strange and a bit sad being back to the usual life, where nothing overly exciting happens. But then again, things only happen if you make them to.

My first night back actually was pretty good. Even though exhausted, I couldn't say no when Patricija invited me to join her and S for a meal. After all, I hadn't seen her for more than a month! We were the first guests at S's new flat, and I just can't describe how great that place is. Only a couple minute walk away from university, with two bright rooms and a spacious lounge... it made me jealous! Having checked it out off we went to Wudon, a great noodle bar here in the Glasgow's West End (though sadly, I haven't heard from them after handing in my CV...). For the first time in ages I had not only a delicious, but also an actually satisfying meal. And then some sushi. When leaving, I was so full that couldn't help thinking I'll not be eating anything for the next couple of days (that didn't happen). Patricija had to leave, and me and S went to my all-time favourite place here, Hillhead Bookclub (I'll definitely be writing more about it at some point!), for a couple of drinks. He left Glasgow for London the next day, and will be travelling Myanmar, China and Thailand for a couple of months, so this was like a wee farewell party.

via Hannah Hayes
Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty much usual days at work (well, maybe not yesterday... quite a few nice visits!), and today I had one off at last. Finally went to buy some food (yay!), though admittedly it was mostly things like strawberries or juice – it's summer after all. When carrying the bags home I promised to myself that as soon as I find a new job I'll start frequenting the gym. Having the membership and not using it is a shame, especially as I really need to work out from time to time.

Later I went to the city centre to hand some CVs out – not the most enjoyable thing, I must say: most places aren't looking for new people and you end up just leaving your CV "in case they do", feeling that they might throw it out as soon as you aren't looking. Getting tired of it, I visited Accessorize and looked at some things I'll buy when I find a new job. Also went to Paperchase, and all those pretty notebooks were just asking for me to buy them and start writing! Another thing I'll spend money on... later.

Despite it all being stressful I finished the afternoon quite relaxed (though tired), sitting down and listening to some street musicians, and enjoying the sun. So my day doesn't end with me watching some sad film alone at home, I went to meet up with Patricija. Bookclub again. Promised myself I'm only getting one drink (Pimm's & Lemonade for 2 quid!), ended up having two and sharing a bean burger with her. Our girls' night made me realise how much I missed her, both serious conversations and all the silliness, such as joking about us losing all the elegance as we were fishing strawberries out of our cocktails, or saying that we're too smart to be waitresses so we'll just find ourselves rich husbands.

It's only now that I've noticed it was a bad hair day for me
Other things to do when I have a new job (yes, you got it right: for me it's like a milestone, and I'm planning so much): going to Edinburgh to visit J, buying a drink to Patricija (I owe her one after tonight), and treating myself to some new clothes, accessories, and, of course, make-up and skin care products (because it was slightly upsetting to read this post by Jennie about her summer favourites!). And, well, you know... working.

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