22 July, 2013

Home in a parcel and funny insights about naming clothes

Today, a parcel from my mom arrived – I was expecting it last night, but things rarely go as expected. And only those who live far away from the place where they grew up will know the feeling some simple things, such as traditional desserts and sweets, can evoke. I also got some stuff I bought back in spring but couldn't take with me as I only had hand luggage, my beloved sunglasses (ironically, doesn't look like I'll need them today), and a Dormeo pillow I've been dreaming of for ages (they're twice as cheap there – and I would have needed some kind of pillow after moving to my new flat anyway!). Also, Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, which I received from one of my friends for my birthday a couple of years ago and still haven't read – now I have no excuses!

Little joys
In other news: yesterday A was texting me to tell that he accidentally has a piece of my clothing after T in the Park. We encountered some differences between girls and guys, and I had a good laugh.
A: Well, it's grey. I think it's what you call a "top". How much more explicit could it be?! Oh, also this I guess: it has fake pockets on it (I'm somewhat confused as to why).
D: Now it's me confused – the piece of clothing I was thinking of didn't have fake pockets. :D
A: Ummm... now that I look at it again, those might just be creases that look like pockets. Nevermind. :D It's just a plain grey top, with short-ish sleeves. I think. Argh, this is stressful! You'll see it tomorrow.
D: You're so funny. :D If it's what I think it is, I'd probably call it a sweatshirt, not a top. It has no pockets whatsoever. :D
A: I JUST DON'T KNOW! All my clothes which I put above the waist are either called a "shirt" or a "t-shirt. You girls just make your life complicated by calling your stuff so many different fancy names. :/
D: So you never wear jackets, jumpers, or sweaters? Or cardigans, for that matter? :p
A: I was about to agree with you somewhat, but then you just proved my point! I mean, jackets: sure. But what the hell is the difference between a sweater and a cardigan???? And I'm not sure what a "jumper" is. Not kidding.

I didn't even get to name such things as vests, hoodies, or blazers...

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