10 July, 2013

Sunny days

Oscar Wilde once said that a conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative. It might be so, yet it's still a very common topic here in Britain (or at least specifically in Glasgow). Normally, most people would say how much they dislike the rain and wind. Recently, however, they had another thing to complain about: it's too damn hot! At first, I wasn't that happy about it either – been working so didn't get to enjoy the sunshine. But now, as we're off to T in the Park tomorrow afternoon, I guess we couldn't have been luckier!

top – new look; jacket and skirt – h&m; bag – papyrus

I still haven't packed any of my stuff – always leave that for the last minute, and then forget something. But most importantly, I'm really eager to go and will have great company, so no matter what, we'll make it the best days of our summer! Something to remember.

I won't be posting until Monday or maybe even Tuesday, hoping that a couple of people that are reading my blog already won't forget to come back. Make the best of these sunny days: go for bike rides, have a picnic, or if you have a chance, spend some time on the beach! Don't forget to make yourself a nice cocktail or some ice lollies. I sure will when I get back!