08 July, 2013

Art: Stefan Zsaitsits

Yesterday I stumbled upon an Austrian artist named Stefan Zsaitsits and fell in love with his drawings, so decided to share them with you.

Looking at them made me wander why I don't draw or paint anymore. I used to back at school (was involved with its art club and we would do so many interesting things together!) but somehow stopped. Back in winter I was sort of rekindling this hobby: bought myself a nice set of oil paints, and a couple of canvases. Sadly, I only used the paints once and now the wooden box lies on the shelf forgotten. I hope this will change soon.

I like it how all the drawings have a very distinctive style.

I find some of them slightly disturbing and even upsetting, but not necessarily in a bad way. I'm not even sure a bad way exists: it's important for art to make you feel and/or think something, and it's good as long as it's not empty.

The one above makes me think of D, mostly because of the fox. I'm still unsure how bad it is to sometimes be reminiscent, if at all.

If you want to see more (and I highly recommend you do!), visit the artist's website.

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