06 July, 2013


I grew up as the only child, and while I wouldn't consider myself very spoilt (just a wee bit), I do admit to being used to things going my way. Compromising? Not my thing. I'm persistent, even stubborn, and in the end, I get what I want. You'd say, real life doesn't work that way? Exactly. Lately I had to accept other people's opinions and settle for something that wasn't necessarily my first choice. I'm learning to be a team-player. It's a strange and new thing for me.

One of the situations when this was necessary was me and my future flatmates looking for a flat for next year. I think we all had our moments of anger, desperation and what not. We had to let go of „the perfect flat“ because I couldn't afford it. And then we found two nice flats – and we'll be living in one of them! Though I liked the other one better. But that's how democracy works. And it's only fair. Just like our new arrangement, shifting rooms, so neither of us have to live in the smallest one for the whole year.

via Cider with Rosie
You have to give something up to gain something even better, and I believe it will be worth it. We'll have film nights and will cook together and drink wine and talk until it's early morning. In the end, the most important thing was not to forget that we're friends. I love those two girls to bits and I'm incredibly happy about getting to live with them. I only recently learned how important having people to talk to is – and not somewhere miles away, but close to you. Also, I can't wait for moving out of the halls (at last!) and making the flat my new and cosy home. Getting used to it and decorating (incuding the kitchen – anoter thing where the three of us will have to discuss things and come to satisfying conclusions!). Only six weeks left. And then, life begins afresh.

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