24 July, 2013

Old friends

Yesterday was supposed to start out really nicely as I was planning to meet up with a friend I haven't seen since September. But the skies of Glasgow did what they are so good at: ruined the plans with strong rain. And so I stayed at home, watched a couple of films and then went to work as usual. The good part is that this friend is staying here for the rest of the week and we will definitely see each other before he leaves. And I'm so excited about catching up with him!

via Cider with Rosie
Back in the school days this friend of mine has always been someone I looked up to, kind of a role model even. He was so active and involved in everything possible: school's parliament, theatre, magazine, art club... Everyone knew him. I can go as far as saying that after he graduated (a year earlier than me), it wasn't the same there anymore. Also, we sort of drifted apart since then, and I wasn't taking it very well at first, but now I'm glad to have a chance of seeing him once or twice a year. He's still the same charming and a very much inspiring personality, so one of the following days this week will be filled with smiles and joy. And so was today as me and one of my friends back home had a nice video chat. That is one thing I should do more often: talk to her and other "old" friends of mine. Because these people need no explanations, they know me so well that we can just talk about whatever we want, and it feels damn good.

P.S. I got a call today and will be going to a job interview next Tuesday. Fingers crossed!

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