29 June, 2013

The ultimate summer breakfast

Those lazy Saturday mornings... If you're lucky enough, sun is shining outside the window, and even if not, there is something special about them (unless you had a great Friday night out – I'd hardly call being hungover special, at least not in a good way). You roll out of your warm and cosy bed and walk into the kitchen. And then what?

I recently discovered what makes my perfect summer breakfast. It's good for both when you're in a hurry and on those weekend mornings. It's easy to make, tasty – and surprisingly healthy, too! What you need is some Greek yogurt (it's better for you than the usual one!), granola, kiwi fruit, and strawberries. Pour the yogurt into a bowl and add some granola. Dice the kiwi into quarter circles, cut strawberries into halves or quarters depending on their size, and add them on top. No need to mix everything – just sit down (or crawl back to bed) and enjoy with a glass of juice. That is if you're not one of those people that simply require some caffeine in their system to properly open their eyes.

Strawberries signify the beginning of summer where I'm from. We always have and eat loads: I can actually remember myself being fed up with them and not wanting any more. I guess it's often true that we don't appreciate what we have until it's gone – now that I only buy a handful of strawberries once or twice a week, I realise how much I like the taste (even though the Scottish ones aren't nearly as good as the ones I remember...).

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