29 August, 2013

Wishlist: Autumn basics

August has just flown by. Of course, there are a couple of days left, but I'm still startled by the fact that Sunday will be the first day of autumn. Next week will be especially exciting for me: I'm turning 19 on the 3rd of September, my friend from back home is coming here on the 5th, and the 6th will mark a 1 year anniversary of my life in Scotland. Certainly a week to celebrate!

As the new season is sneaking up and my financial situation is slowly getting better, I've started listing specific things I want to buy so as not to end up soaking wet from rain in a sleveless top and a summer skirt. While an umbrella should obviously be at the very top, it's something I'm yet to properly think of. After all, it's only the basic things I'm getting, anyway: while my wardrobe definitely needs a total makeover, everything can only be achieved by taking small steps. So here we are, with these things in my wishlist:

1. A bomber jacket. It just has this rock chick flare to it and goes well with pretty much anything, which is exactly what I need. Hopefully, it will keep me warm enough when my beloved denim jacket doesn't do the trick anymore, but a warmer coat isn't yet needed.

2. A plain jersey top. That pretty much sums it up... A top that goes equally well with both skirts and jeans, and with any colours. Boring? Only if you make it so.

3. A plain jersey dress. Yes, a basic grey piece of clothing once again. Maybe that's too much of grey, but it is my favourite colour for clothes, especially when we're talking autumn, so it shouldn't be surprising. Add burgundy or navy tights and a statement necklace and you're ready to go.

4. A chiffon dress. More of a classy style, both fabric and colour-wise, for when the casual ones won't do.

5. A pleated skirt. Chiffon once again, this time good for both casual and more formal occassions.

6. Skinny jeans. Because while dresses and skirts are awesome, there's nothing quite like a pair of comfy jeans you can jump in when you don't feel like thinking much about your outfit but still want to look great.

7. A statement necklace. I mentioned it before, hadn't I? Well, that's what I had in mind. I know that for many this is far from a statement necklace, but for me, not a huge fan of massive jewellery, this is a good enough start.

8. And that's some other pieces of jewellery I've got my eye on. As you can see, black is dominating here, I'm unsure why, but I just really seem to like how it looks.

So this is it for now. Hopefully, I'll have these by the end of September, and then I can start thinking of warm and cosy knitwear and, of course, some more colourful pieces. Until then, I'm challenging myself to go back to basics and still look sort of stylish.

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