30 August, 2013

Changing of the seasons

I'm listening to this over and over, such a catchy tune! Definitely worth checking out. I remember how I started listening to TDCC back in November, and how I saw them live among all the other bands in July. They're brilliant, that hasn't changed.

Other things change though, just like the name of this song suggests. Be it seasons, feelings, or just our attitude towards life... It's strange looking back at the past now, what I've said, and done, and felt was right. One year anniversary of my life in Scotland is approaching, and I know now that this was a year full of both external and internal changes in my life, more of them than ever before. And I realise that me growing up is not the cause of these changes but rather just a consequence.

And let me tell you, it's a strange thing being a grown up! The strangest part is, you don't feel like one. It just falls on your shoulders, and you deal with it. I accept the fact that I'm responsible for things I do, independent and what not. I understand how alone we all are, not necessarily lonely, but at the end of the day, alone, separate beings. But while I'm making mistakes and trying not to repeat them (usually unsuccessfully), and exploring what this world has to offer, and learning more about myself, while all those changes are happening, my essence remains just the same. I'm still the same emotional dreamer I was one, or for that matter, four years ago. So much for the change...

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