01 January, 2014

Welcome to 2014

And so it went, 2013. One spectacular year, full of joy, discoveries about myself, and life lessons. One that could definitely go onto the list of the best years in my life.

Last year, somewhere in between watching more than 120 films, listening to more than 320 hours of music (and that's not counting all the music I hear live!), and reading a number of books that I don't want to admit, I learnt what living independently means. It was a year of relationships: I had started – and ended – my first serious one, and am happy in one now. And one of elections: two lost, two won. It saw me finding a job I like, even if I'm simply making sandwiches. I came back to Lithuania for the first time after leaving for Scotland – and the second now, too. I visited the Highlands briefly, and Paris. I finished the first and started the second year of university, and started learning French (even if not very successfully yet). I moved from halls into a flat where we live with two friends. I met a boy that's one of my best friends now. I lost my grandfather. And while these come in no chronological order, they were all important. They created the year as it was.

2014? Last night, when a friend of mine called to wish me a happy New Year, he asked what my one resolution would be for it, and I said I'd like to travel more. It's not only that though. I want to laugh more. And study more. Get better at budgeting and time planning, even if the latter requires some sacrifices. I want to spend more time with certain friends of mine. And go out and have fun more often, too, because when you work hard, you're allowed to party hard. Basically, I'll enjoy life more, that's all there is to it. Less drama and worrying, more positive experiences. Hopefully, that's not too much to ask from myself this coming year. Here's to a fantastic one.

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