26 October, 2013


I was planning to get my essay done last night, but once the document was open, realised I just can't look at it anymore. I needed a break. And while I had an invitation to a flatwarming and actually wanted to go, I realised that might not be the best idea, for reasons as simple as physical tiredness, the lack of money and the fact that only two people I knew were going to be there. And so I stayed in, curled up in my bed and, sipping the nicest tea in this and all the other worlds, watched a film – Les petits mouchoirs. Boy did I love such a relaxing night at home! The film is one I would definitely recommend when you're looking for something light yet not stupid. It's an American dramedy meets French director, actors, and setting. It's good.

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October is coming to an end, and even though I realise it's a bit early, I'm already thinking about New Year's celebration. My friends and I have failed at it so many times before, mostly thanks to our procrastination and no planning whatsoever, and I want this time to be different. The people I missed for so long will be there, at least some of them, and it just has to be great. My expectations are high. And it's not only that one night I'm planning. I can't wait for Christmas Eve with my mom, and for my trip to Paris beforehand. And for endless conversations I will have with my beloved friends. All the joy that being together will bring. Even if it's only for a while.

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