09 September, 2013

Films of the week

This week saw J moving in, which was absolutely exciting. We had the planned party on Friday and both yesterday evening and tonight were spent watching films with her and M. It's a million times better than being alone, so cosy and nice. Tomorrow our third flatmate, L, is arriving from Germany and there couldn't be a better way to kick the week off. It will finally be all of us in our lovely West End flat. We will spend the afteroon talking loads and having some cheesecake and wine, and I know it will be a happy time. And now, about the couple of films I've seen this past week, which are the complete opposites of each other.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin. M loves Steve Carell, both me and J really like Paul Rudd, and, being somewhat sleepy, we wanted a light flick, so this was the obvious choice. We were surprised to see Jane Lynch, Kat Dennings and Jonah Hill along the way, and astonished by the fact how much prettier Catherine Keener looked here than in Being John Malkovich. Overall, I wasn't too impressed by this comedy, but it definitely had its moments and wasn't bad at all (both J and M liked it a lot!).

Mysterious Skin. A dark, disturbing, and intense drama. We had to pause it a couple of times because it was just so much to take in one go. Some of the scenes will probably haunt me later, but as J and me decided, the horrible parts were absolutely worth it. Joseph Gordon-Levitt delivers a very strong and simply incredible performace, and I respect him so much for doing a role like that. This is a film that truly reflects on reality in a painful way, definitely worth watching.

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This is it for now, hope your week starts off as nicely as mine will! I'm in need of those positive things at the moment as something upsetting happened last night, which I'm still processing. I might tell you about it when I feel better, or I might keep it to myself. It all goes down to this, though: you probably won't hear me mentioning my time with A anymore, unless I'm reminiscing.

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